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Trade Card Set 25 Pc – Memories of Santa


Well known English artist Janet Thompson was commisioned to paint the 25 Santas in this trade card set. They were painted twice their size and then reduced to the same size as the Old English trade cards which flourished at the turn of the century.

These M.O.S. cards are prints of the original paintings, and like the Old English trade cards, the legend of each Santa is printed on the back of each card.

Santas included in this set: 1850 Weihnachtsman, 1872 Santa Claus, 1888 Father Christmas, 1890 Pelze Nicol, 1895 Kris Kringle, 1896 St Nicholas, 1897 St Nicholas, 1898 Hello Santa, 1899 Santa Claus, 1900 Sint Niklaes, 1903 Father Christmas, 1905 Father Christmas, 1906 St. Nicholas, 1908 Buller Clos, 1909 Weihnachtsman, 1911 St. Nicholas, 1912 Uncle Sam Santa, 1913 Tomta, 1916 Sint Niklaes, 1917 Sint Niklaes, 1918 Santa Claus, 1919 St. Nicholas, 1925 Santa Claus, 1933 Santa Claus, 1940 Christmas Club Santa

Cards measure 1 7/16 x 2 5/8 and are printed on glossy card stock.

Printed 1993 Christmas Reproductions, Inc

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