About The Collection

The Memories of Santa Collection™ by the late Don Warning

Don Warning

The Memories of Santa Collection™ was inspired by antique chocolate molds, early chromolithographs, and turn of the century post cards. These beautiful replicas depict the evolution of Santa Claus from the early St. Nicholas to the Santa we know today. The earthenware Santa figure/ornaments stand approx 5 inches tall.

Although his garments changed from decade to decade and his name varied from country to country, the generosity and spirit of old St. Nicholas has survived through the ages until he became the gift-giving jolly old Santa Claus of our time. Every figure in the Memories of Santa Collection™ is made of earthenware and individually hand painted. The designs and legends have been carefully researched and historically documented.

There are 139 Santas in the Memories of Santa Collection, not including a few additional that were either re-made by another manufacturing company, or changed slightly. Some collectors consider these as part of their collection, in most cases they were an improvement in quality.

The Memories of Santa Collection was introduced by Don Warning in 1983 and produced until 2003. Some of the Santas were sold in select stores & some were sold only to club members. In addition to the santas there were many other collectible items including, porcelain figurines, collectible plates, books, trading cards, poster & other miscellaneous Christmas memorabilia.

For sale here, you will find a wonderful selection of many of the items from Mr. Warnings company, unless otherwise noted, these are “new” old stock items, still sealed in all original packaging and in mint condition.

Have fun browsing & feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our items here for sale, or if you have any questions about the Memories of Santa Collection.